"Brand New" - Original Song

 What's upppp!!! It's finally here!!

This is me performing my newest single live at Madlife Stage & Studio. You can find this song on every music platform basically.

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Drunk & Gone - Original Song

New unplugged song written and performed by Belle Gray. Leave me some love. 

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"After Rain" LIVE @ Madlife Studios

Belle Gray performing Dermot Kennedy's, "After Rain", live at Madlife Studios. Follow me and hit me up! https://open.spotify.com/track/2SD2AU... https://www.instagram.com/bellegraymu... https://twitter.com/bellegraymusic 

A special shout out to Steven and all the crew at Madlife! You guys ROCK!


1949 Mallory Knox - For Justin

1949 Mallory Knox Live // Belle Gray

Belle Gray does not own the rights to this song. // Shoutout to Mallory Knox This song goes out to my guitar teacher and friend that passed away unexpectedly. This was the first song I ever performed live and it was with him. Rest in peace Justin Cain. @bellegraymusic "Belle Gray" on Spotify 

The Medic (Foxing Cover)

Hey guys!!! I was fortunate enough to make a small music video for my favorite song with my favorite people at Jan Smith Studios. Thank you to Jan Smith, Jesse Owen Astin, Andi Hill, and Justin Barnett for filming. Thanks for watching guys, subscribe and like always ♥️ 

Hold Me Down Halsey // Belle Gray Covers

This video is for my mom because it's her favorite song and it's Mother's Day! I do not own this song all rights go to Halsey.  Instagram // @bellegraymusic

Green Light Lorde // Belle Gray Covers

All rights of this song go to Lorde // My debut single https://open.spotify.com/track/2SD2AU... My Instagram @bellegraymusic